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Current promo codes for discounts (September)

How to save on purchases even more

Cashback is a universal tool to make profitable purchases online. But not the only one. If you want to save on purchases even more, you should use special codes that give an exclusive discount on goods. Such combinations of letters and numbers are called promotional codes.

What are promotional codes and how to get them

Promocode is a marketing tool to attract customers to online stores, as well as to increase their loyalty. They can give a discount or other bonus to the buyer, for example, free delivery of the order.

As a rule, the stores offer such codes during periods of active sales (for example, before the holidays and large sales), but sometimes they can propose exclusive personal promo codes (for example, on the buyer's birthday). Usually, online stores provide information on current promotions and current offers on their sites, and also inform it through e-mail newsletters.

Promo code for increased cashback

The Backit cashback service also often pleases its users with special codes that make it possible to get an increased cashback for purchases in online stores. Subscribe to our newsletter and you will stay on top of all the current promotions and opportunities to save. In order to increase the cashback with this tool, you need to copy and then enter it in the “Activate promo code” section in your personal account on our website.

How to use a promo code

In order to get a discount or other bonuses, you need to activate the promo code when placing an order. To do this, enter the received code in a special field, which is usually called “Promotional Codes and Coupons.” As soon as the code is activated, the price will be recalculated, assuming the discount, and you will be able to purchase the desired product on more favorable terms.