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Parcel and Postage Tracking

When waiting for an order from an online store, you need to be patient, especially if the package is sent from another country. If you made an order, for example in China, more than one week passes between the payment of a purchase and its receipt, as a rule. However, you'd find it a lot easier to wait for the package if you know whether your package is on its way.

We care about you, so on the Backit website you can always find a package using the “postage tracking” function. To do this, enter the track number ( each item has it) in the search bar and click the “track” button.

Tracking parcels from China

Mostly, our users are interested in how to track their packages from China. Such items receive an international identifier that consists of 14 characters, where the last two are Latin letters CN (References of China according to the international standard).

The most popular Chinese online store in the world is certainly Aliexpress. It’s especially convenient to track parcels from this site by using our tracking page. Sellers can send orders by different mail services (for example, EMS, China Post and others), so often the buyer does not know where to find out his/her parcel. On the Backit website, you can track any parcel from AliExpress even if you do not know the name of the transport company, just enter the track code and find out where your package is.

Tracking parcels in Russia

Orders from Russian online stores are delivered by Russian Post, courier services or its own delivery services. In any case, your shipment also has a track number by which you can monitor its location through Backit.

Where is the package?

«Where is my package?» is the main issue for all online shoppers. The delivery process usually consists of several stages. First of all, the item is registered, packaged and sent to the sorting office. Then it is sent to international or internal transportation. In the case of international transportation, the parcel passes customs control and after all it is transferred for internal delivery in the country of destination point. Each stage has a specific status of tracking. The status “Parcel is in the destination point” is the most awaited as it means you can already take your order from the post office.

Track number. How to find out and use it?

A track number is a unique code allocated to each postal item. As previously mentioned, the international code consists of 14 characters (letters and numbers), and the codes for internal parcels consist of 13 digits without brackets and spaces.

Online stores, as a rule, send a track number by e-mail, and it is also displayed in the personal account of the buyer. Users often confuse order number with track number. These are different things. The order number appears immediately when you make the order, the track code is assigned only when the delivery service receives the parcel.

A couple of days after receiving the track number, you can find out your package on our website. Just enter your number on the tracking page.