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Sign up and activate cashback before purchasing, and then buy as usual

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Electronic wallets and mobile withdrawal from $0,2, withdrawal to the cards — from $9

High — immediately

No limits or levels. Cashback is maximal from the first purchase

Not only cashback


Our partners always provide special offers and you can add them to cashback. We’ve collected them in our service, so you don't have to search for them


Can increase cashback itself. We make them for holidays, sales and just in case

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Cashback service Backit - just for your benefit

What is cashback?

Cashback is a type of bonus program, a special type of “deferred” discounts, in which the store does not just reduce the price, but returns a part of the value of the purchased product to the buyer approximately 14-15 days after receiving it. Life hack: activation of such a refund for online purchases does not contradict other discounts, promotions, promotional codes, sales, and it is also combined with bank cashback cards. On this platform the buyers can find all the popular online stores which return part of the purchase amount.

It is important to understand that “cashback” is not short-term “points” or “bonuses”, but real money: first of all, in Backit you can withdraw them to a bank card, mobile phone balance or electronic wallet. Secondly, you know in advance the amount of remuneration that you will receive for the order (and it is accrued even if you buy a product participating in any sales or any promotional actions).

In simple terms, cashback is a way for stores to fight for customers: you received a remuneration for buying the product from this particular seller, and not from a competitor. And the intermediary between 900+ partner stores and millions of customers is the reliable Backit platform (known as ePN before rebranding).

How to receive cashback?

The stores, as a rule, do not pay money for purchases directly to customers, but only stimulate them to spend more with the “points” or “bonuses”. The opportunity to return money for a purchase is only available on cashback platforms that take on the serious work to monitor user orders, purchase costs and refunds.

Therefore, the best way to return part of the funds for the purchase is to become a user of one of the cashback platforms. The most important selection criteria are:

  • cashback stores : based on their number, you can judge the trust of the well-known brands to the platform;
  • interest rate: it is important to know how much money will be returned for the order.

Each time you are going to buy something on the Internet, go to the store’s website from the corresponding Backit section, and the store will understand that you are our user, ant that means you should get a remuneration for the purchase. Soon after receiving the order, the funds will be credited to your account and you can withdraw them to a bank card, mobile phone balance or electronic wallet.

What cashback services represent

You, as a user, should take three simple steps to return cashback:

  • You go to the online store through the Backit platform and then make a purchase.
  • The store tracks the source from which you make a visit and determines that you are our user.
  • After you take the order, the store transfers a remuneration for your purchase to us, and we pay it to you. Payments are available to withdraw: to the card, phone balance or electronic wallet.

The interest that you return is a net savings that benefits everyone. Judge for yourself: the seller saves money on advertising (that is already included in the cost), you get a discount, and we get a percentage for helping the seller find a buyer.

Learn more about how cashback services work.

Backit (ex EPN) pays money for all categories of goods: from food and household chemicals to electronics, building materials and automotive products. At the same time, Backit return money even for positions purchased in ordinary offline stores. You can see a complete list of stores on our website.

Why get cashback if there are discounts?

The "red price tags" ask customers to purchase a specific product here and now, and they are doing their job perfectly. But most often, users receive a discount on unpopular or stale goods. It’s also difficult to check the real amount of savings as the seller could initially raise the price.

However, unlike discounts, cashback is paid for all products of the retailer. No one limits your choice with it. And with the tool “price dynamics” you can find out if the seller raised the price before the sale.

Shopping with Backit is 4 times more profitable because:

  • we inform about discounts and closed sales,
  • we pay the highest cashback,
  • we provide a promotional code to increase the cashback rate,
  • we advise which cashback card to choose in order to get a percentage of any purchase from the bank.

Why is the most profitable cashback in Backit?

Since 2013, we have been cooperating with more than 900 online stores around the world, and that means our users have an excellent choice of where to order goods.

We appreciate your desire to save money, so we give you promotional codes that increase the cashback rate in partner stores during major sales and promotions. And the “products with cashback up to 90%” section is a real find for AliExpress funs.

Become a Backit user and return money for making purchases in popular online stores today!