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What is cashback?

Cashback is a form of customer reward, a kind of loyalty program. Only instead of bonuses, coupons and other privileges, users get real money. The size of the cashback is usually specified as a percentage, it depends on the amount of the receipt.

In simple terms, cashback is a deal with customers: the store pays for choosing its product. The intermediary in this transaction becomes the reliable Backit (ex. ePN) service.

How to get cashback service?

The stores rarely offer the cashback service to the users as you are already on their website, in other words, you have received information from other advertising sources.

If you want the store pays you cashback, you need to go through a simple registration on our service. Links to affiliate stores that you find on the Backit (ex. ePN) website are unique. They get information that you have used a cashback service. If you make a purchase after clicking on such a link, the store knows that you are attracted by the opportunity to get cashback for the purchase. The order is checked and then the money is returned to you.

How is the money returns credited?

Payments carried out from the advertising budget of the store or product. The price of the product with cashback does not change as the cost of advertising is initially included in its value. The interest that you return is pure savings, not a publicity stunt. Therefore, cashback has become a such popular service.

Today, you can return money for most purchases, if you use all cashback functions. Backit (ex. ePN) makes it possible to save on everything, from food and household chemicals to equipment and building materials. You do not need to refuse the usual ways to make purchases: it is possible to get cashback, for example, through the application Aliexpress or for offline purchase. All the secrets of saving you will find on our website.

Why is cashback better than discounts?

"Red price tags" call buyers to purchase a specific product right now, and they do an excellent job. But most often, users get a discount on unpopular or irrelevant products. And checking of the real size of the discount is difficult because the seller could initially drive up the price. Unlike discounts, cashback is usually valid for any purchases in the store as you are not limited in choice. You can also combine the benefits of cashback with discounts and seller’s promotions, cashback of credit cards or other bank services to save even more.

We value users and are ready to pay the maximum cashback

Backit (ex. ePN) service often provides refund of increased cashback. We give promotional codes that temporarily increase the cashback rate in different stores. Usually, the promotion is valid during sales or other promotions from sellers. If you follow our news, you can catch the best moment for bargains.

It's simple:

You activate cashback = you receive money for purchase.

You activate the promo code = you get increased cashback.

Cashback is a benefit for everyone: the store receives loyal customers who are ready to place orders for large amounts. And buyers get the best conditions for purchase. Millions of users are already returning cashback - try it for yourself!