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How to buy with cashback?
Purchase rules
Buy during one browser session
Use one device to place an order
Before activating cashback, make sure your shopping cart is empty
Disable other plugins, Adblock and other ad block programs
More about the rules for purchases with cashback
Special offers. Details
up to 81%
Affiliate products
from 0.31% up to 6%
Non-affiliate products and products from stores without cashback. Details
from 0% to 6%
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Here there are News of AliExpress!

Explanations for the table with rates:

  • Affiliate products are products of stores that participate in the AliExpress affiliate program.
  • Non-affiliate products are products from stores that do not participate in the AliExpress affiliate program.
  • The cashback waiting time for non-affiliate orders is up to 90 days after the confirmation of receipt of the goods on AliExpress.
  • With the tool "Find out a cashback rate" you can find out the approximate amount of cashback for each product before buying and you can also check the product affiliate.
  • Products from stores without cashback are those stores in which AliExpress does not pay a commission. The list is dynamic and subject to change.
  • The amount of cashback on goods depends on the AliExpress seller's rate.

Cashback is NOT credited for:

  • fare
  • virtual goods and services
  • gift certificates
  • mobile phone bill
  • goods for the promotion "Discount for two" from the section Lowcoster in the mobile application of AliExpress
  • goods from the section "Yes!" in the AliExpress mobile app

To get the increased cashback for Hotsale goods you need to:

  • Select a product from the section "Cashback up to 81%" - Hotsale products or paste a product link in the tool “Find out the cashback of rate” on the Backit homepage. Go to AliExpress clicking on the card of this product and place an order.
  • Follow the rule: one transition - one order, otherwise the cashback will be credited with the standard rate. The same rule applies when placing an order through the Backit app. When buying through the Backit plugin: one cashback activation on the Hotsale product page - one order.
  • There must be only one Hotsale product in the shopping cart.
  • If you went to AliExpress by activating cashback on any other page of the store and purchased a Hotsale product, then cashback will be credited with the standard rate.
  • The use of coupons or coins purchasing Hotsale products (including products from the "Cashback up to 81%" section) may cause the AliExpress anti-fraud team to cancel the cashback.
  • Hotsale orders canceled by the AliExpress anti-fraud team cannot be restored - cashback is not paid for them.
  • Initially, the cashback for goods with 81% rate will be less in the statistics. Further, within a few hours, the cashback will be adjusted.
  • Cashback on Hotsale items may be credited at a lower rate than expected. For example, this happens if an AliExpress store sends us information about changes late and does not charge an increased percentage. Unfortunately, we will no longer receive increased cashback for completed orders. They are not eligible for compensation.
  • Currently checking Hotsale products in the "check links" tool, the indicated cashback rates may differ from the actual rates for orders from CIS countries.

Pay attention to the conditions for calculating cashback:

  • Cashback is calculated from the final amount of the order, minus all discounts (promotional codes, discounts from the seller, store coupons, AliExpress coupons, Special coupons).
  • Cashback is not credited on fare (shipping cost).
  • Backit promo codes do not apply to products with increased cashback, all Hotsale products and AliExpress gift certificates.
  • The maximum cashback amount is no more than $45 per order.
  • Cashback is credited by the decision of the store on AliExpress for the amount of the guarantee.

Important nuances for registering orders and accruing cashback:

  • The product must be added to the cart after the cashback is activated. Otherwise, the cashback may not be counted.
  • Order numbers in your personal AliExpress account and in the Backit account differ.
  • When you go to AliExpress via third-party links, such as, the cashback may not be counted. Including when using browser extensions from AliExpress. We recommend that you make purchases after going directly through our Backit service.
  • The cashback waiting time is 30 days after the confirmation of receipt of the goods on AliExpress. Information about the confirmation of receipt of goods for some orders the store may send us with a delay. These are orders for which AliExpress conducts an additional fraud check. In this case, the cashback confirmation time may increase up to 45 days.
  • If a "fraud" is detected, the account in the Backit system can be blocked, and the cashback is debited from the balance. For example, creating multiple AliExpress accounts in order to receive one or another benefit that is intended for new users or to bypass restrictions on the number of coupons / discounts, etc. that apply to one AliExpress account are considered a violation of the AliExpress rules.
  • If a dispute is opened on an order, it may be cancelled by AliExpress.
  • Placing affiliate and referral links on the AliExpress website is prohibited (including in reviews on product pages). In case of detection of violations, the account will be blocked, the funds will be debited from the balance.
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Today, AliExpress isn`t just a large online store, but a global site that has absorbed thousands of verified sellers from Asia. A huge «market» with a developed logistics infrastructure, where there is almost everything. And the high competition between sellers constantly forcing them to raise the quality of goods and strive to reduce prices.

Aliexpress is perfectly oriented to the external market. Low prices, free shipping, a variety of products allowed the Internet giant from China to occupy a serious niche in the Internet market in Russia and CIS countries. According to the statistics of Yandex and Google requests, the number of customers from Russia and Ukraine is growing from month to month.

Service attracts customers to the AliExpress for years. During this time, we have built up a large user base and gained a good experience, which allows us to offer the best cashback for orders in AliExpress.

Advantages of Aliexpress and service teamwork:

  • A huge variety of goods with the best cashback.
  • Buyers protection.
  • Different ways to pay and to withdraw.
  • Referral program.

Why we give the highest cashback in Aliexpress?

We are the official partner of the store and cooperates with it directly without intermediaries. To become an official partner, you need to undergo a serious quality check and earn your trust. Therefore, we offer the highest cashback for Aliexpress.

Our strengths:

  • The minimum cashback from 4% for all products, except for products from the category "Mobile phones." Want to save more? Join our social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter), where we often play promotional codes with increased cashback.
  • Instant withdrawal of funds from 20 cents in any convenient way for you. We are the only service that make payout starting from such small amounts. The average market volume of payout- 6 dollars.
  • No commission for withdrawal. We pay instead of you all transaction costs.
  • Technical and informational support. Direct communication with the store support team.
  • High cashback up to 90% for customers that make order in in «Special offer».

By the way, one of the most important criteria for our work is a feedback from users of the service. In the opinion of the support team, the most pleasant comment was left by Mery Williams from London: «I am very satisfied with work of the service. And I was glad to win a promotional code for 12% cashback in Facebook. After its activation, I ordered 2 Xiaomi and got my highest cashback in Aliexpress for the purchase. Thank you!».

It's strictly against the rules to place affiliate and referral links on the Aliexpress website, including revuews on the product pages. In case of revealing such violation the account will be blocked, all earnings will be deducted.

When you make purchases in the online store AliExpress, you will additionally save up to 81%, which you will receive as cashback. Unique special offer from Backit: you will receive a refund from the purchase up to 81%, regardless of the discounts or sales in the online store AliExpress. Just register, click on the «Buy with cashback» button and follow the simple instructions.