How to buy with cashback?
Purchase rules
Buy during one browser session
Use one device to place an order
Before activating cashback, make sure your shopping cart is empty
Disable other plugins, Adblock and other ad block programs
More about the rules for purchases with cashback
Paid order

Advertiser Limit : Mobile app purchases will not be counted for cashback.

The display time of the order in statistics can be 24 hours from the moment of order confirmation on the side of the store

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About the shop - Chinese online hypermarket, the main product range of which is various electronics. China is the forge of the world, and most of the goods we buy are made there. So why not take first-hand at a low price?

Benefits for buyers:

  • a large assortment
  • unique products
  • top Chinese brands
  • low prices
  • free shipping

Want to buy on with cashback? Take three simple steps:

  • Go to site
  • Make a payment
  • Cashback will be displayed in your account

Successful purchases to you!

When you make purchases in the online store, you will additionally save up to 3.5%, which you will receive as cashback. Unique special offer from Backit: you will receive a refund from the purchase up to 3.5%, regardless of the discounts or sales in the online store Just register, click on the «Buy with cashback» button and follow the simple instructions.