What is cashback?
Cashback: it is part of the money spent, that the buyer can recover through our service
How to buy with a cashback?
Just follow our link to any of the partner stores and make a purchase as usual
What to do after purchase?
If you did everything right, the amount of the cashback will be displayed in the section My orders
How to withdraw?
Once you have accumulated the required amount in your account, you can withdraw it in any convenient way

How can I help you?

Why I didn't receive cashback?
    Cashback was not counted: what could be wrong?

    The item was added to your cart or to "favorites" before following the link from Backit, unfortunately many stores do not allow this. You can clarify it on the store page in the conditions of purchase. The cashback is not credited for some products on AliExpress because they are non-affiliate (they do not participate in the affiliate program and are not available for cashback services). According to the rules, "From 12/18/2019 cashback will not be credited for" Non-Affiliate Products "when delivered to the following countries: Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Moldova." When placing an order, you used a device on which a modification of OS Android (MIUI, Yandex Kit, ColorOS, CyanogenMod, etc.) was installed, or devices with root rights ("rooted"). Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee stable operation with these modifications. The purchase was made through the store's app. At the moment, most stores allow to make purchases with cashback only through the website. We write about the possibility of in-app purchase on the store page. You started to make an order and completed it from different devices. Please use one device to place an order. The other condition specified on the store page is not met. When you placed an order, third-party plugins, Adblock and other ad blocking programs were running in the mobile browser.

    Cashback for receipt is declined: why could this happen?
    How to determine which version of Android is installed?
    How to check if a device is rooted?
    How and for what is cashback credited?

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