What is cashback?
Cashback: it is part of the money spent, that the buyer can recover through our service
How to buy with a cashback?
Just follow our link to any of the partner stores and make a purchase as usual
What to do after purchase?
If you did everything right, the amount of the cashback will be displayed in the section My orders
How to withdraw?
Once you have accumulated the required amount in your account, you can withdraw it in any convenient way

How can I help you?

Browser extension
    How to download plugin?
    How to buy with cashback through the plugin?
    How to understand looking at the plug-in icon if the cashback is activated or not?
    What is the product price dynamics?
    I am a little bit annoyed about pop-up windows with price dynamics and cashback activation. How to hide them?
    How do I check whicn extensions are installed in my browser?

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